Daily Hair Care

Daily Hair Care Tips

24 hours a day, your hair is exposed to sweat from your scalp and toxins in the environment, which build up on our hair and can leave it looking and smelling dirty. Shampooing your hair cleans the individual strands and scalp, removing dirt and oil, so that your hair looks and smells better. The hair that you can see outside of your follicles is made up of cells that are no longer alive. As a result, they can not produce natural oils to keep the strands in good health. Virtually all of the moisture and nutrients necessary to ensure that the hair stays soft and strong must come from your chosen hair care products, and your hair conditioner is the product designed to provide the hair with nutrition necessary to maintain its beauty. Conditioners contain hydrators and other beneficial ingredients that leave the hair more manageable and softer to the touch.  Hair in this condition is less likely to break.  The key to perfect daily hair care is to select a shampoo and a conditioner for your specific hair type.

Contrary to popular belief, styling products do not keep your hair healthy, but they are necessary to create great looking hair. Products like mousse, gels, serums, pomade and creams make the hair easier to shape and style, while hairsprays and other styling products add hold to keep your hair in place once it is styled. Tools like blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons and hot rollers and handheld brushes and combs are also useful for styling the hair and getting looks that you desire. Hair color products are available at Walgreens to temporarily or permanently alter the hue of your locks or to cover gray growth.

Hair care products come in many different types, and some are formulated with the needs of certain individuals in mind. Men’s hair care products are made to be simple to use with formulas and scents geared toward the needs and tastes of guys. Children’s products are often extra gentle on the skin and eyes to make washing, conditioning and styling kids’ hair easier for both parents and children.  Ethnic hair care products are made to meet the unique needs of African-American hair, which has a coarser texture and is prone to dryness or frizz. Natural and organic products use substances found in nature instead of synthetic chemicals for those with sensitive skin and individuals who are striving to lead greener lives.