Hairstyling Equipment


Hair Dryers

The QT Hurricane has to be on our top list! Our very own in-house brand, the most advanced QT Performance Hurricane Tourmaline Hair Dryer has become one of the hottest best-selling hair dryer. With a powerful 1875W and 80mph airspeed, this is the one and only hair dryer that reduces drying time by 50% (while most hair dryers reduces time by 40%) 10% makes a substantial difference! This dryer evaporates the water molecules rapidly and frizz is removed delivering silky smooth hair. The QT Hurricane delivers nothing but beautiful and healthy locks. As for impression, this hair dryer is exquisite with a matte grip for easy handling and superior high-end polished finish. This hair dryer is super compact and handy that can be carried anywhere you go. No wonder the manufacture called this one the Hurricane because it simply blows your mind!

Flat Irons

Croc 2 Infrared Flat Iron –  Review  I loved this flat iron! I’ve been through a lot of flat irons and this one was the best. I’m mixed with black and filipino so I have a unique hair texture. My hair is long and curly and a lot of flat irons damage it due to the heat. The infrared technology is amazing and helped kept my hair healthy and shiny without damage.

Hair Clippers 

A standard hair trimmer is made up of toothed blades that vibrate back and forth, creating a miniature scissor effect when cutting hair. These devices excel in their intended purpose as trimmers rather than shavers, cropping your hair down to less than a millimeter in height. Each clipper is designed to fulfill that one intended purpose of trimming hair without multiple passes or cutting your scalp. Finding a product to accomplish those goals is relatively easy, though picking a device suited to your hair is another matter entirely. While researching clippers, factor in these specific elements that contribute to an effective trim.

Hair Extensions


  • Consult with an expert first to explore your options regarding hair extensions.
  • Be prepared—look at magazines to get ideas on what looks you want to achieve.
  • Opt for human hair extensions, they are easy to style and definitely  more natural looking. Remy  hair is the best type of hair available in the market.
  • Always choose hair extensions that complement your current hair color. Extensions are great in adding dimensions.
  • Invest in great products for your extensions: a great round brush with boar bristles  (like the Angelo David Paddle Brush—sizes vary) and intensive hydrating shampoo will keep your extensions lasting longer.
  • Always keep your salon appointment for extension maintenance. This will ensure longevity and keep everything in place.
  • Consider clip-on options as well as semi-permanent extensions (like theAngelo David Couture Hair Extensions), which are more stable and offer more flexibility in styling.
  • Use silk pillow cases to prevent static in your hair. Also, tying your hair in a ponytail will prevent breakage.
  • Try  not to wash your hair regularly. Always use a great detangler before hitting the shower, then slowly brush your hair starting from bottom of the roots to prevent breakage.
  • For short hair, extensions should not be longer than 14 inches to reduce unwanted strain on your natural hair.