John Baird Resigns

curly hair baird

curly hair bairdJohn Baird has went through many positions of government as a Conservative.  His hair has also changed over the years,  some of it left behind forever.

Here is a picture of John extending hair coverage with the use of mousse type product.  Wild and curly probably suited his high volume outbursts in the House of Parliament.

John Baird recently announced his resignation from his post as Foreign Affairs Minister and stated he would no longer run for seat.


John has recently been losing his battle to “male pattern baldness” as exemplifiedthinning hair baird in recent photo comparing him to a “Zombie”.

Stress is known to be a common cause for premature hair loss and John Baird’s involvement in Canada’s military role overseas has probably left more than a few hairs on his pillow.

Living a healthy life style is also very important for hair growth.   The food you eat can directly relate to the condition of your hair.  Maybe leaving tax payer subsidised eatery at Parliament Hill will stimulate some hair growth.


angry baird Anger raises stress levels which damages your hair.  John’s plans to join private sector, secure financially with a massive government pension, should enable a calm regulated lifestyle which may bring back those missing follicles.  Remembering to use those conditioners and stay away from cheap hotel shampoo is an important factor in retaining your hair.

We wish John Baird success in his future endeavors and eagarly await some hair growing in his future.

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