Katie Perry – Super Bowl

Katie Perry in AirKatie Perry has dominated the Half Time show at the Super Bowl.  by Tweets and Comments Katie appears to have put forward the best all time performance to date.

Dancing Sharks, (one shark was a little confused), and lions followed up by Katie rising into the air singing her hit Firework.

Lenny Kravitz was also on stage singing I Kissed a Girl.

Katie had multiple costume changes and hair styles.

Odds on the color of Katie Perry’s were all over the rainbow.  Listed odds:  Black/Brown 2-1; Pink/Red 3-1; Blue/Green 3-1; Blonde 4-1; Purple 5-1

Katie Perry Flowing LocksKatie with bouncing long hair was just one style during the Super Bowl show. With use of wigs and extensions Katie has used almost every color imaginable over the last number of years. Bright and colorful streaks combined with nails and makeup to match.

Constant color changes can very early hard on your hair. Katie credits “home conditioning” treatments that keep her hair healthy.

Pony tail hair extensions and wigs also help give the hair a rest. Combination of weaving and bands help keep hair in place for the action packed movements required for on stage presentations.

Katie Perry Pony TailEverybody is changing their hair, sometimes going from daytime straight to evening curly. You used to be thought of as a little bit out of your mind if you changed your hair too often. You can do nothing, you can mess your hair up even more… The last few years I’ve really enjoyed what I call a 70’s length, the fullness, it’s not long that it’s so long and because you’re keeping it a healthy length it’s got a lot of versatility. You can put it up, you can put it in a ponytail, you still have enough to play with but not so much that you have to deal with it.

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