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Imagine Laserworks offers Stop Smoking and Weight Loss Treatments.

You can Quit Smoking in Moncton is less than 1 HOUR!!

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FORGET about nicotine patches and gum. Imagine Laserworks provides a safe, new way to quit smoking in Moncton once and for all.
Imagine Laserworks uses a low level laser beam that is applied to specific energy points on the body.
But how does it work? Natural chemicals in the body that help relieve stress and pain fall dramatically when smokers try to quit cold turkey.
As withdrawal symptoms kick in, endorphins in the body drop, causing people to become stressed, tense and irritable. In many cases, this leads to yet another cigarette and the smoking habit starts all over again.
Quit Smoking Moncton can end this destructive cycle. The laser counters these effects by boosting endorphins in your body in a natural way.This helps reduce cravings for nicotine, the addictive substance in tobacco, and provides a calming effect. As nicotine levels in your body subside, our expert laser practitioners provide special herbs, support and dietary advice on ways to live a healthy smoke-free life.
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Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

Imagine Laserworks Clinics use a low powered (cold) laser to stimulate 30 Acupuncture points. We use the most advanced, computerised lasers currently available.

Why we use Lasers instead of Needles

Imagine  Laser Clinics use lasers, instead of needles, for the stimulation of Acupuncture points for various reasons:

  • The Laser is completely painless.
  • The Laser is non-invasive.
  • Research has indicated that Laser more effectively stimulates endorphins (the feel good hormones) than needles.
  • More points can be stimulated in one session with a laser than with needles. This means the effect is stronger and lasts longer.

How the Laser works

The laser is placed on the appropriate points. The point is stimulated by the laser light for up to one minute. The laser beam passes through the skin and reaches approximately half a centimetre below the surface. This provides suitable stimulation to the Acupuncture point and the corresponding Acupuncture channel. There is generally no sensation at all. The laser is used on points of the ear, face and hands.

The points which are stimulated during the treatment encourage an increased endorphin response which helps eliminate cravings and withdrawal symptoms. The session also includes Acupuncture points which help speed up the detoxification and elimination process to help rid the body of the harmful chemicals associated with smoking. Another component of the session will include stimulation of points which help improve the immune system to decrease the risk of illness associated with stopping smoking.

The difference between cold and hot lasers

Lasers come in varying strengths and wavelengths. These differences determine what the laser can achieve. For example, a ‘hot’ laser can be used for hair removal and skin rejuvenation. ‘Hot’ lasers are literally hot and can therefore burn the skin. Conversely, a ‘cold’ laser ( low level laser ) is cold and unable to burn the skin.

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