Hair Styling Tips

Hair Styling Tips

Using Curling Iron –  Start curling your hair from the middle, not the ends.  This will ensure your curls last longer.

Clean Brushes – First remove all hair and them soak them in warm water with small amount of shampoo.

Flat Iron – For nice waves…start with iron flat and then turn until hair is wrapped across top and bottom of iron for best results.

Brushes –  Understanding what brush is designed for will help you achieve optimum results.

Cowlick –  Proper use of flat iron, flat iron and some artful back combing will eliminate that unruly piece of hair.

Headband –  Use a head band while your sleeping to produce beautiful waves in the morning.

Extra Hold Mousse – Coupled with blowing drying using a diffuser can create beautiful ringlets.

Heat Protection –  Spray products that you apply prior to using curling iron for protection against heat damage.

Sleek Hair – Instead of using a brush set your hair in velcro rollers immediately after blow drying.  Let hair cool naturally and wahlah sleek hair with no brushing.

Updo’s – Consider using Extra Hold Non-Aerosol sprays to protect the environment and your exposure to potential toxins.